11 responses to “Magento Controller Override rules

  1. Frustrated Magenuser


    • Most Welcome ! For any kind of help just post your question. I will try to provide solution. Dont frustrated. Be cool 🙂

  2. thanks for useful blog

  3. Thanks for the post


    Abdul Jamal

  4. Good Information

  5. Hi I’m trying to override Mage_Catalog_CategoryController.php

    I follow the rules base on your post but still unlucky.. I can’t override it.

    Is there a other way to override that controller?


  6. Awesome Post, Thank you very much.
    But do you know how do we override a “Base adminhtml controller” in magento

  7. hi Moinul Islam,
    first of all thank u for ur awesome post.
    but it is not working in magento1.6.help to resolve
    thanks in advance

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  9. Hi, it’s a really cool Example. it really save me the time thanks

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